My Bold Future Prize Drawing 

Girls Inc. will generate and submit your tickets. Tickets are no longer available for purchase.

The drawing will occur on Friday, August 14. Girls Inc. will contact and coordinate package item pick up/and or delivery.

Package 1: Arizona Getaway Valued at: $5,250.00

As the crisp fall air swiftly approaches, this Arizona getaway allows you to take a multi-day escape into the warm sun. This vacation package will leave you feeling renewed and ready for anything.

What’s included: Two first-class, round-trip tickets on United Airlines to a destination of your choice within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, or Caribbean. Four-night stay in a private residence in Tucson, Arizona with beautiful mountain views. 

Expiration information: Airline tickets must be booked by Dec. 3, 2020 (travel can occur into 2021). Tucson, AZ stay is subject to availability between June 1st and November 15th. Reservations must be made at least 6 weeks in advance directly with the owner. Cleaners are CDC compliant and there is a 2-3 day vacancy between guests.


Package 2: Mountain Escape Valued at: $1,590.00

One of the best features of Colorado is the mountains in our backyard. Whether you’re taking a hike or cruising down the slopes, this mountain getaway is exactly what you need to feel refreshed and have some fun.

What’s included: Weekend stay at a private residence in Keystone. Two spa gift certificates at Breckenridge Grand Vacations. Two single-day lift tickets for the 2020-2021 season with Arapahoe Basin Ski and Snowboard Area. 

Expiration information: Keystone residence expires August 13, 2021 and reservations must be requested 6 weeks in advance.  BGV gift certificate expires 8/15/21.


Package 3: Family Fun Valued at: $2,115.94

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to spend some quality time as a family. This package has all you need to stay home, go out, and travel with your loved ones. 

What’s included: Four United Airlines Economy tickets to the destination of your choice within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, or Caribbean. A lane at Lucky Strike for up to eight guests, including shoes, and a select appetizers. Family membership to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Decorate one dozen cupcakes to-go with My Make Studio. A one-month subscription for Blue Apron. Autographed item from Kroenke Sports. 

Expiration information: Airline tickets must be booked by Dec. 3, 2020 (travel can occur into 2021)  Lucky Strike expires 10/2021. Denver Botanic Gardens year membership expires one year after the prize winner contacts the Gardens. My Make Studio will expire 8/2021. Blue Apron does not expire.


Package 4: Denver Stay-cation Valued at: $1,100.00

In a city like Denver, there is so much to explore. Our Denver Stay-cation package is a chance to experience incredible food and fun activities to get to know even more of this exciting city. 

What’s included: One-night stay with Hotel Teatro. $75 gift certificate and two complimentary drinks at Poka Lola. Five admit-two show passes to Comedy Works. Two tickets to the 2020-2021 season at the Colorado Ballet. $50 gift card to Work & Class/Super Mega Bien. Mixed case of wine from Elite Brands of Colorado. 

Expiration information: Hotel Teatro expires 5/9/2021. Poka Loka gift certificate expires 5/31/2021. Comedy Works will set expiration date upon reopening. Colorado Ballet expires end-of-season, 4/2021. Work & Class does not expire.


Package 5: Dates for Days Valued at: $1,533.00

Date night is all taken care of with this prize package. From dinner to travel to activities, this package is rejuvenating your date nights for months to come! 

What’s included: Two tickets with United Airlines. A round of golf for two at the Lakewood Country Club with Board Member, Liz & Chad Gardner. $100 gift card at Avanti Food & Beverage. Cooking class for two with Panzano. Two tickets for an interactive mystery evening at Adams Play House. Dance class for two, entry for two for club night, and two drinks at the bar all with La Rumba. A special date night bottle of Far Niente Napa Cabernet, 2017. Five admit-two show passes to Comedy Works. 

Expiration information: Airfare expires must be booked by Dec. 3, 2020 (travel can occur into 2021). The Lakewood Country Club round of golf is available through summer 2021 and is subject to availability of the Gardners and regulations of Lakewood Country Club. Avanti does not expire. Panzano expires 9/2021. La Rumba expires 8/13/2021. Comedy Works will set expiration date upon reopening.


Package 6: Ultimate You Valued at: $1,662.00

It is so important to take time for yourself! This package is all about self-care and doing things that you and your body will love. Take advantage of this beauty, fitness, and more package to refresh yourself as fall arrives. 

What’s included: Case of wine from Wild Women Wine. Two blow-outs from Drybar Park Meadows. A full personal or family portrait package with McNeil Designer Portraits. Consultation with House of Colour. One private and four group sessions at P.S.: The Pilates Studio. $250 gift card for Dependable Cleaners. One month unlimited classes, 10 play lounge passes for the kids, and three free buddy passes with Barre 3. Self care gift basket at Hopetank. 

Expiration information: Drybar does not expire. McNeil Designer Portraits expires 8/13/2021. House of Colour does not expire. P.S.: The Pilates Studio will expire 2/2021. Barre3 does not expire.


*Prize Drawing items tickets are non-refundable. All prize drawing items have been confirmed as of 7/31/2020. Girls Inc. of Metro Denver is not responsible for any future changes.*


My Bold Future’s Prize Drawing is made possible by the generous donations from our community.

Adams Play House

Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort

Avanti Food & Beverage


Blue Apron

Breckenridge Grand Vacations 

Colleen & Ned Mackey

Colleen & Taylor McIlvennan

Colorado Ballet

Comedy Works

Denver Botanic Gardens

Dependable Cleaners


Elite Brands of Colorado

Elizabeth & Chad Gardner

Enstrom Toffee & Confectionery 


Hotel Teatro

House of Colour

Kroenke Sports

La Rumba

McNeil Designer Portraits

My Make Studio


P.S.: The Pilates Studio

Sage Restaurant Group

Work & Class Restaurant

United Airlines