You Can Send a Girl to College with the Essentials She’ll Need!

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver is hosting our first-ever College Shower & Brunch on August 6th, 2022!

At this event we’ll send off our 30+ college-bound girls with the power of their community behind them along with the college essentials they’ll need for a smooth transition onto their campus.The cost of college essentials often exceed $1,000!

You can support by contributing to their College Registry and/or sharing the registry link with your network! 

Thank you for investing in girls and their future!

We Stand for Reproductive Rights & Bodily Autonomy

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver’s vision is a world in which every girl values her whole self, discovers her inner strengths, and achieves her goals. Advocating for policies and practices that advance the rights and opportunities for girls to take charge of their health and lead healthy lives is core to our mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. It is because of this vision and mission that we boldly support and advocate for a woman’s right to choose what is best for her future. This includes decisions regarding her body, wellness, and access to holistic healthcare.

The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision leaves us saddened but not surprised. The reality is that the bodies of women, and in particular women of color, in the United States have been unjustly regulated for decades. Policies and practices, such as forced sterilization to lack of access to affordable birth control and comprehensive sex education programs to legislation like the Hyde Amendment, disproportionately harm marginalized and underserved communities, including the youth that we serve and their families.

We make this statement to restate Girls Inc.’s long held belief in reproductive autonomy and self-determination for women, girls, and all birthing people. We know that barriers to abortion access are barriers to critical health care services. This goes beyond a social issue; this is a human right. It is the actualization of systemic oppression against all women, with the largest burden carried by women of color, women existing in poverty, disabled women, and queer people.

For 40 years we have worked to advance opportunities, eliminate barriers, and reform systems that impede the success of girls and young women. We are grateful that access to abortion services is protected in Colorado, and we are painfully aware of the ripple effects that restrictive legislation can have. Girls Inc. of Metro Denver will continue to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold and we will lead by example as we fight for the rights of our participants to make decisions in their own best interest. Para leer este mensaje en espanol, clic aquí.

Summer Program Registration is open!

Spots fill up quickly so don’t miss your chance to enroll a girl in your life in a strong, smart, and bold program! For information on how to register or to see class schedule details, please click here. 

Eureka Applications are Open!

The Girls Inc. Eureka! program is an intensive, five-year STEM based program that builds girls’ confidence and skills through hands-on opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Utilizing a “whole girl” approach, the program also incorporates sports and physical fitness, personal development, and college and career readiness. Serving girls from across the Denver-Metro area, Eureka! broadens girls’ future academic and career interests, encourages enrollment in advanced math and science courses, promotes positive risk-taking, and assists girls in developing networks of peers and mentors to support their future endeavors.

Click Here to  Apply!

Did you know…

For $12 a month, you can provide mentors for five girls?

For $21 a month, you can provide 15 girls with academic tutoring and literacy programming?

For $42 a month, you can provide a girl with a paid internship in the STEM field?

For every $1 raised,