Our mission is to meet the needs of girls and young women in the community; to help them develop their capacity to be self-sufficient, responsible citizens; to serve as a vigorous advocate, focusing attention on their special needs; and to inspire all girls to be STRONG, SMART, & BOLD.

Individual volunteer opportunities:

Interested individuals, once finding a volunteer opportunity that works with their interests and schedule (please note our hour requirements) must complete the following steps to become a volunteer:

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application (see form below).
  2. Complete an Interview at Girls Inc. with the Manager of Volunteer Programs.
  3. Complete our online background check. Please note: All potential volunteers are asked to contribute $20 to offset the fee to process a background check. Financial assistance for background checks is available. Applicants under the age of 18 are asked to complete a Teen Membership Application in place of a background check.
  4. Attend New Volunteer Orientation/Training and our Inclusiveness Workshop. Important: Orientation and Training is offered just three times a year (typically January, May and August). Thank you for understanding that we do not make exceptions for this requirement of all direct-service volunteers. Our next volunteer orientation will be offered in January 2022 for interested volunteers who have completed the first three steps of the volunteer onboarding process.

PLEASE NOTE: As of September 1, 2021, all volunteers interacting with girls must be vaccinated and will be required to sign a waiver indicating vaccination status. 

Group volunteer opportunities: Click here!

If you have any further questions about volunteering at Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, please contact Luz Macias, Program Assistant at lmacias@gidenver.org or 303-893-4363 ext. 108.

Please note: if you are filling out the Volunteer Application in Safari on a Mac, the form may have trouble recognizing your birthdate or phone number. Please use a different web browser, such as Chrome.

Volunteer Application

    Name and Contact Information

    Demographic Information

    Note: We collect this information to help us work to ensure that our volunteer base is reflective of the girls at Girls Inc. of Metro Denver.

    Girls Inc. of Metro Denver Questions

    Have you previously been or are you currently involved in programming as a Girls Inc. girl?

    What age group are you interested in working with? Select all that apply.

    What current volunteer opportunities are you interested in? Select all that apply.

    What days and times will you be able to volunteer? We will talk more in depth about this in an interview, but this information gives a start place to begin discussion. Select all that apply.

    As of September 1, 2021, all volunteers who are 18 years and older interacting with girls must be vaccinated and will be required to sign a waiver indicating vaccination status. Please check the box below indicating that you've read and understood this requirement.

    Volunteer Hour Requirement

    Emergency Contact