Become a Monthly Donor

By becoming a Monthly Donor, you play a crucial role in creating lasting impact and building the next generation of leaders while giving in a way that can fit more easily into your budget. Join our community of dedicated monthly supporters committed to sustaining the impact of Girls Inc. of Metro Denver into the future.

The Impact of Your Monthly Gift:

  • $10 per Month – Your generosity helps provide essential school supplies for a girl, fostering a positive learning environment.

  • $25 per Month – Contribute to mentorship programs that guide girls in setting and achieving their goals, building confidence and resilience.

  • $50 per Month – Support the expansion of educational initiatives, giving girls access to STEM programs and college readiness resources.

  • $100 per Month – Prepare girls to become leaders in their communities by supporting leadership development programs and workshops.

Get a Girls Inc. Tote

When you give $10 or more monthly, we’ll send you a Girls Inc. of Metro Denver tote to show your support for girls!