The mission of Girls Inc. of Metro Denver (GIMD) is to inspire all girls to be
strong, smart and bold.

The vision of GIMD is a world in which every girl values her whole self, discovers her inner strengths, and achieves her goals.

Girls Inc. Metro Denver’s comprehensive approach to whole-girl development reflects the following:

  • Girls today face real and profound challenges to their well-being and success, including sexual harassment and violence, inequitable access to education, teen pregnancy, and limiting stereotypes and messages.  
  • Girls living in poverty are at increased risk of chronic health and psychological disorders, higher rates of violence and crime, lower rates of high school completion, and limited access to economic and social capital necessary to thrive.  
  • Girls-only spaces are designed with the unique needs of girls in mind, provide girls physical and emotional safety, increase girls’ self-esteem and positive decision making, create social support networks, and allow girls to discover their strengths and their voices.  

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver is proud to announce our three year strategic plan. Our Bold Goal is to be the leader in delivering high-impact programs to girls and advocating for girls’ rights in Colorado. As GIMD invests in organizational and programmatic growth, the organization will continue to partner with girls to remove barriers that limit their innate power and advance gender equity in the world around them. Learn More about our Strategic Plan.

The Girls’ Bill of Rights

Girls have the right…

  • to be themselves and to resist gender-stereotypes;
  • to express themselves with originality and enthusiasm;
  • to take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in success;
  • to accept and appreciate their bodies;
  • to have confidence in themselves and to be safe in the world;
  • to prepare for interesting work and economic independence.