With just a little planning, you can leave a legacy of love and support so that your good works and values endure well into the future. What will your legacy look like? If you start planning today, you may find your legacy is richer and more meaningful than you thought possible.

When you make a planned gift to Girls Inc. of Metro Denver you embolden us to rise to our highest potential, to be active, insistent, and resolute in affirming our sense of the world we aim to create for girls daily, and the world we envision for girls for the future.

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver honors those who have designated a legacy gift to Girls Inc. of Metro Denver and those who join Girls Inc. on its journey to create bold futures both now and the years to come receive:

  • Regular organizational communications
  • Invitations to events, including our annual My Bold Future and Champions for Girls Soiree
  • Ongoing recognition, if you wish it, in our Annual Report
  • A Girls Inc. of Metro Denver girl-crafted and inspired gift to remind you of your positive impact on girls in our community both today and beyond
  • The knowledge that you forever will make sure Girls Inc. will always be here for the thousands of girls who depend on us

Legacy gifts are for all, and can take many forms, including creating a bequest of cash or part of an estate, stocks, individual retirement accounts, real estate and life insurance.

A bequest can include cash, stock, real estate or other assets. This option allows you to remain in control of your assets during your lifetime. It costs you nothing today and can reduce your estate tax burdens. Simply use your will to list the people and causes important to you and direct almost any assets you have to them.

Review and update beneficiary designations for your retirement and bank accounts. If you have any of the following, you have a great opportunity to change the lives of girls well into the future:

  • IRA, 401(K) or 403 (B) retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Checking, savings, or CD account
  • Life insurance policy

With a beneficiary designation, you still own the account and can continue to use it to meet your needs. To name or change your beneficiaries, ask your account custodian, insurance agent, or bank to send you a beneficiary designation form. You can name family, friends, or an institution like Girls Inc. of Metro Denver to inherit your account.

Using funds from your retirement plan may be the most tax-effective means of making a charitable gift. Because laws vary depending on when and how you make the gift, and to maximize tax benefits from your philanthropy, please seek professional guidance from an attorney or other professionals who thoroughly versed in the area of tax law. You may also visit freewill.com to learn more information.

A gift in your estate plan is a powerful way to extend your support Girls Inc. of Metro Denver and the thousands of girls we serve, into the future, creating a lasting legacy.

Please let us know if Girls Inc. of Metro Denver is already in your will or if we are listed as a beneficiary. This helps our organization and allows us to show our gratitude for your generosity and desire to sustain our organization and mission into the future. Your plans will be kept in the strictest confidence.

For more information or our Tax ID number, call us at 303-893-8363 ext. 114

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Questions? Email Haley Shilts, Director of Development at HShilts@gidenver.org.