In-Kind Donations support our programs through providing much needed supplies!

Items with *** mean that we REALLY need them! 

Please note, due to limited storage, we can only accept certain items that are new or gently used. 

If you have items that are on our wish list, or other items that you think may be helpful, please fill out the In-Kind Donation Form or call 303-893-4363 ext. 152 to coordinate your donation drop off. Thank you!

Scotch Tape Refills
Packaging Tape
Storage Bins
Shipping Labels (1/2 Page)
Round Circle Lables
Rectangular Labels
Disinfecting Wipes***
Lysol Spray
Gallon Sized Zip Lock Bags
Quart Sized Zip Lock Bags
Post It Notes
Glue Sticks
Dry Erase Markers
Flip Chart Paper
Flip Chart Markers
Colored Copy Paper
Colored Card Stock***
Card Stock Paper***
Thank You note cards/Blank Cards
Circut Machine

Large hand sanitizer pumps
Disinfectant Hand Gel
Band-aids in Diverse Skin Tones
Travel Size Shampoo
Travel Size Conditioner
Travel Size Soap
Disposable Razors
Travel Size Toothpaste
Travel Size Deodorant

Black blazers in various sizes (for girls to testify in)
College Branded Sweat Shirts (New)
College Branded Tee Shirts (New)
College Branded Sweat Pants (New)
College Branded shorts (New)
Summer clothing like gym/athletic shorts and swimwear (tops & bottoms)

Children’s books featuring girls of color
New Yoga Mats
Portable Basketball Hoop (adjustable height preferred)
Hula Hoops
Durable Youth Jump Ropes
Play cash registers for store
Colored pencils
Art supplies specifically painting canvases/pads and clay Oil Pastels
Crafty Products
Chess Set
100 Piece Puzzles
Stacking Cups
Karaoke Machine
Mancala Game
Sensory Fidgets
Disco Ball
Classroom Plants
Christmas Lights
Human Skeleton Model

Auxiliary Cables
Bluetooth Speakers
Laptops (new/working!)
Mac Laptops

Coffee Keurig K-Cups
Bottled Water
Snack Packs (healthy!)
Individually Sized Chips, Popcorn, Crackers, etc…
Granola Bars

Home Depot
Gas Stations
Office Supply stores (Office Depot, Staples)
Museum Passes
Movie Passes
Grocery Stores