I would recommend Girls Inc. of metro Denver to family and friends because the change in the Girls is incredible! the girls become more entrepreneurial, more educated, more Empathetic, and are able to create healthy relationships. 


I enrolled Abril in Girls Inc. of Metro Denver when she was 6 years old, now she has been participating in the organization for about 2 years. She participates in their programs in the summer and also during the school year. I discovered the organization through a parent who had previously had their daughter in the organization. The parents had communicated to me that the program had helped their daughter grow and become strong and independent. In addition to that, I loved the idea that Girls Inc. was an all-girls institution. Another thing I also liked was the ability for the educators to help the girls with their homework. As a mother, you want the best for your children and for that reason, I enrolled my daughter in Girls Inc.  

Ever since Abril started at Girls Inc. I have been able to see a lot of changes in her. Abril used to be very shy when it came to presenting herself in public. The first time she did that was precisely in Girls Inc. They had invited her to participate in a talent show and she was able to do that. She applies everything she learns from the organization in school. She is also brave, she has taken the initiative to join new activities, something she did not do before. I also used to notice that she would get angry very easily. We didn’t know how to modify her behavior or her anger, and in the first summer when she joined Girls Inc. her behavior and attitude changed. She doesn’t get angry easily anymore and is more patient. One of the things the organization did as well was encourage her to further develop her creative skills. In school, there was a fair where she presented the volcano she created. The organization awakens the girls’ minds to create and become more positive, entrepreneurial, and independent in their lives and I have seen this through Abril. Abril has developed an interest in business and in fact, she wants to start selling lemonade to make money. Because of Girls Inc. Abril and I can communicate more, and this has allowed her to create a beautiful relationship with me and with others.   

The staff and educators at Girls Inc. are all very humane. Abril became very fond of a retired educator named Julie. Their relationship was beautiful. Abril would get headaches when she heard loud noises and Julie was always the one who would go and cover her ears so Abril would not get headaches. She was a very supportive person to my daughter. Even before she left the organization, Julie gave Abril a birthday present. Overall, Abril is always excited to attend Girls Inc. and doesn’t want to miss any day at the organization.  

Girls Inc. does not only support my daughter, but they have given my family economic support as well. Throughout the school year, every 15 days on Fridays they would take buses of pantry items. Also, for Thanksgiving last year they gifted my family a King Supers card. For Christmas, they also donated my family pantry items. There have been multiple times when Girls Inc. has been able to support my family’s needs. As a family, we have been able to benefit from the organization quite a lot.  Girls Inc. is an organization that offers a lot to girls and to their families. This place is so amazing that my second daughter will be attending Girls Inc. this summer for the first time.  

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