Girls Inc. was life-changing for me, it taught me to give things a try. The experience has been fun, and I am glad to be able to call this place my second home.


My parents immigrated from Mexico to America in 1986. Since their arrival in the United States, they have done everything in their power to attain resources and opportunities that will benefit our family. Within these opportunities and resources, my family was able to find Girls Inc. for my sister and I. My mom heard about the organization through my sister’s elementary school and from there signed us up for their programs. I started Girls Inc. in the summer of 1st grade. I knew the programs were going to be class structure-like, but I never thought it would be so much fun. The classes that I took focused specifically on topics that help develop life skills. In middle school, we learned topics such as sex education, the effects of drugs, and about investing. I enjoyed this aspect of the program because schools do not teach you the skills necessary for you to be successful in life. I was able to feel comfortable easily because we were all girls, and the teachers were very welcoming. With the passing years of my participation in this organization, this place became my second home.  

I have participated in the elementary school program, the elementary mentoring program, and the middle school program. Currently, I participate in the Eureka program which focuses on girls interested in the STEM field. The organization has given me opportunities for career exploration and through Eureka, I developed an interest in Architecture. My dream is to attend Colorado State University and complete the interior design and interior architecture program.  

Girls Inc. has been a great resource for me. I have been able to grow my knowledge. Sometimes my friends ask me questions and I’ll be able to answer their concerns because of what I have learned already from Girls Inc. I have also seen myself transform from being a very shy person to someone who has gradually become more involved. One person that influenced me and helped me grow in this direction was Angel Shabazz from Girls Inc. I had told her I wanted to join cheerleading and she encouraged me to join and informed me that maybe this sport could become something I do for the rest of my life. She was right, I enjoy cheerleading so much. Angel’s encouragement of trying new things helped me further apply to other things such as join JROTC, a military program for young students. JROTC introduced me to marksmanship in January 2021 as a sporter (beginner) then grew to become a precision (advanced) shooter and captain of the team. My leadership skills got me into becoming the 4th Battalion Commander of my school’s JROTC program.  I can take leadership positions and have recognized that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Girls Inc. has inspired me to be STRONG, SMART, and most importantly BOLD in anything I pursue. I am beyond grateful for everything that I have been taught. 

In all, my experience at Girls Inc. has been incredible. I have made long-lasting friendships and I am part of a united, loving, strong, community that represents sisterhood. I also have learned valuable things that will help me throughout my life.  

A piece of advice that I’d like to share with the girls from Girls Inc. Metro Denver is to be bold and take risks because that initiative will help you achieve all your goals.  


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