I’m Sienna, a 16-year-old junior in high school and my journey with Girls Inc. has been a long and powerful one–ten years to be exact! From my early days in the elementary and middle school programs to spending my teenage years in the Eureka STEM program and Leadership Out Loud advocacy program, Girls Inc. has always been a place where I could grow academically and discover my passions and future goals 

Many moments stand out for me during my time here, but one that was especially meaningful was my Eureka internship at Leprino Foods. It was my first taste of the working world where I got to work with adults in a professional setting and put my STEM skills to the test by measuring the density of cheese. Another unforgettable moment was speaking at the Women’s March last year, where I reminded people of the importance of voting and the impact it has on young people like me who are not old enough to vote. This opportunity made me realize how important it is to use my voice and tell my story. Despite the nerves that come with speaking to a crowd or working with adults, Girls Inc. gave me the confidence to succeed in these situations. 

Dealing with life’s challenges and facing gender bias in everyday life and school can be difficult, but Girls Inc. is somewhere I can go to feel reenergized and empowered. Surrounded by friends and adults who remind me that gender doesn’t determine our worth or capabilities, I’m unafraid to pursue a career in STEM, even though it’s male dominated. My dream is to work in a STEM field that allows me to travel and make a difference in the world, whether in a lab or through building things. 

Without Girls Inc. I wouldn’t have the positive girls’ environment that shaped my character and provided countless opportunities. Spaces like Girls Inc. are so important for girls to really be their authentic selves, and I’m committed to creating such spaces for others which is why I’ve been working on a project called AdopteeConnections. It’s a social media account providing an online community for teen adoptees to connect over Zoom and share their stories. This project means a lot to me because I’m an adoptee and I want to make sure no one feels alone in their experience. My next steps are to continue to network and advertise the account. If you know of any teen adoptees, let them know they can follow my account on Instagram @adopteeconnections! 

In a world filled with so many diverse identities, Girls Inc. of Metro Denver stands as a place where girls can find support and understanding. I hope more people see the importance of creating spaces where everyone can be their authentic selves, cherished and valued for who they are. Girls Inc. made that difference in my life, and I want to do the same for others.  

To anyone considering supporting Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, know that your contribution is opening doors, shattering boundaries, and instilling girls with the belief that they can make a positive impact on the world. Thank you for supporting Girls Inc. of Metro Denver and helping us girls become the unstoppable force that we are!